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Landscape Design and Maintenance

We designed it. We installed it. Now, get the advantage of continuity of services while we take care of it. Nobody knows and loves your landscape like we do. Let us do what we do best in building a lasting relationship with you.

  1. Make things simple by hiring a company who can provide all of your service needs.
  2. Get to know your Account Manager as they keep in touch with meetings to go over job quality reports and anything you may have questions about.
  3. Leave the work to us as we seek out ways to avoid costly future landscape maintenance issues with a proactive approach leading to potential long term savings.
  4. Feel confident with our service systems, which include service receipts and job quality reports to promote communication and accountability as we service your landscape.


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Millennium Lawn and Landscape is Tampa Bay’s premier landscape maintenance provider. We have worked hard to build our reputation based upon understanding your goals and providing quality results that will meet or exceed your expectations. Your objectives, lifestyle, personality, as well as the specific needs of your property are carefully considered to reflect a landscape that will provide beauty, function and value to your home or property.

Effective lawn care for your residential property with sensitivity to the environment  and service that meets your expectations do not have to be exclusive of each other. Millennium Lawn and Landscape’s lawn care professionals will provide you with high quality service that includes result-producing options.

Superior services set us apart, and they’ll set your lawn apart, too. In fact, our lawn care professionals will take better care of your lawn than anyone else. Regardless of your lawn type, we have a program that’s ideal for your individual needs.

To give you thick turf with vibrant color that makes an impact on the overall appearance of your home, you may decide on an integrated residential lawn care program. Lawn and maintenance programs with an integrated approach to residential property care cultivate a healthy growing environment for your lawn by using a carefully formulated balance of nutrients, minerals and slow release fertilizers based on the characteristics of your landscape.

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